Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available on OTA platforms i.e. Agoda,, etc? Is the information on Google Maps up to date? Where is the best place to commnicate with us online?
Unfortunately, we aren’t. The reason why is that we are not able to recover the account from the previous account holder. Nothing nefarious; they just simply…. forgot! Our hostel opened 2018 / 2019 before the worldwide pandemic. There were a lot of challenges leading up to us actually reopening in 2023 but sadly, the original team have gone their own way.

Thankfully though, Google maps link to our Facebook page and that’s one account we are still in charge of!

There’s always our website where you are right now!

Can I check in earlier? Can I check out later?
Depends on availability. We understand that your travelling arrangement may require some flexibility. You are welcomed to hang around out comfortable lounge area and open-air rooftop cafe. There are plenty of shops and markets around our hostel to while away the time.

Any house rules I should be aware of?
Check out our “Hostel Rules” page.

Do you have dayrates? Can I just chill for a couple of hours, use the room, shower and be on my way?
Yes, you can. We have special rates for short stays.

Can I invite non-staying guests to the hostel?
Simply put, if the room is for two, then two can stay. As for inviting people over to hang out, chat and so on, we actually encourage that in the spirit of hostel living (hence: community). We also have a cracking restaurant CMKO that we hope you’ll check out and discover some really delicious pork noodles.

However, we do asks that non-staying guests to respect the peace at night and leave by 10pm unless there is a prior arrangement.

I’m looking for a co-working space.
We are happy to accomodate people needing a common space to work. We have a decent sized indoor living area, rooftop bar and a meeting room. These are common spaces, so there may be other people about.

If you’re looking to rent a room as an office space, please let us know.

Do I need to place a deposit?
At our discretion, some bookings we may require a commitment fee / pre-booking amount.

Do I need to pay upfront? What if my plans changed?
Yes, we would appreciate it if all rooms are paid for upfront. We understand that sometimes you may have a change of plans, therefore on a case to case basis we’ll accommodate requests for refund for unused nights.

What is the Thai Tourists Police? How can I get in touch with them?
The Thai Tourist police is a special branch of the Thai police force focusing on tourists. Their number is 1155 and it would be useful to keep that number in mind and on your phone.

Do you have parking?
Our location is a pretty convenient “centrally located” location however, we admit parking can be hard to find in the daytime. Guests may park on street; just note the colour of the kerb. Black and white, you’re good. Red and white or yellow and white, you’re not. There are some parking in the residential area towards the back. You can squeeze your car wherever it doesn’t block anyone.

Why do you need to my passport and other personal information?
Thai law requires hoteliers (and all Thais in fact!) to register any foreigners living in and on their property.