Baan Phuen Charter of Communal Living

Also known as Hostel Rules – To ensure that everyone experience an enjoyable stay.

A hostel is a communal living space. Some rooms are private, some rooms are shared. Bathrooms are communal with one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen.

A guest coming through our doors is someone who has made the conscious choice of choosing to stay in a hostel where he or she can meet other like minded travellers.

For the time that you, our guest, have graciously elected to make our humble house of hospitality your temporary abode, we endeavour to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. Whilst we’ll do our part as innkeepers to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and safe as possible you, our guest, have a role to play as well in keeping the peace.

Common spaces and respect
The wondrous opportunity to network while staying at a hostel is plentiful. Having said that, some people may wish to maintain a respectful distance. Please be conscious of each other’s sensitivity.

Rule of acceptability
It may be acceptable to you, it may not be acceptable to others. If a middle ground cannot be found, we will apply the following line of thought:

– Is it legal?
– Is it safe?
– Does it disrupt / disturb others?
– Do we want it in our hostel?

Hostel facilities
The hostel provides a number of amenities for guests. We have a small pantry with plates, cups and eating utensils. There’s a microwave, hot water flask and so on. We welcome everyone to use them as needed and to please keep up for others (or approach our staff for assistance).

Please feel free to utilise the common areas.

We clean our bathrooms in the morning and do regular checks during the day but do notify us if there’s an “emergency”. Sometimes, a male staff may not want to check the female bathroom if there are female guest around and may only clean early in the morning or late at night.

Our rooftop restaurant is an eating area. We may have a partner operating from it but hostel guest are welcomed to use the area.

Cleanliness and hygiene
We will do our best to make sure we provide a clean environment with regular checks and maintenance.

Guests are welcome to request for addition towels, disposable bags, linens and room clean-up during their stay (within reason).

Criminal and antisocial behaviour
ZERO TOLERANCE – Any guests who are disruptive including engaging in criminal behaviour will be asked to leave immediately and the authorities will be notified.

Drugs are strictly prohibited and Thailand adopts a no-nonsense policy towards drug use.

* Marijuana – although it’s now legal in Thailand, it’s still illegal to smoke indoors. Users should restrict their use to places that provides for their consumption. Also, if you’re travelling to another country after Thailand it’s a good idea to make sure it’s acceptable over there as well, even if you’re just transiting through. For your information, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, the common transit countries have zero tolerance and may even call for the death penalty.

Hostel’s prerogative
Baan Phuen Hostel wishes to ensure each one of our guests feel safe and comfortable. As the host, we may deem it necessary to accept or decline certain guests and/or to instigate temporary measures in our establishment for the sake of keeping the peace.

The “NO”s
– No smoking.
– No public drunkenness.
– No drugs.
– No nudity in public; have fun in your own room.
– No fighting
– No harassment

See you soon! – The Management of Baan Phuen Hostel